The 10 best hiking boots for men that we can recommend without any doubt

Posted on February 3, 2020

If you are planning to start hiking or have been hiking for some time now, you need to know that your hiking shoes will be your best friends every time you take your trail. It is not an easy job to pick the perfect pair, because you have to consider a lot of factors while choosing.

Do not expect that you will get some long-lasting boots for 20$ or less. The amount you invest is how much you will get, that is how things work. Once you purchase a good and quality pair of boots, do not worry that it will last for a short period, hiking boots companies in most cases know their job well.

The next thing to pay attention to is the performance of the boots themselves, the material, size, type, weight, etc. Do you not know where the difference is?

For example, some materials perhaps do not suit your skin, cause sweat, or itching, and you certainly do not want this in your footwear. While trying the boots, try them with thick socks or buy a bigger size than the usual size you wear.

Also, depending on whether you are hiking in calmer and easier terrain or more challenging ones, you will need a different type of shoes.

If you are not sure where to start, we got your back! Here is a list of 10 best hiking boots made for men, yours is only to choose the right ones. Take your time.

Men’s Moab 2 Mid Hiking Boot by Merrell

Men Merrell Moab 2 Mid Hiking Boot

We are used to the fact that Merrell company knows how it works. The brand will always give us a good hiking boot for a reasonable price. This model, in particular, stands out in many ways. Starting from the outsole made of Merrell’s famous Vibram TC5+, your steps are always going to be stable.

Boots are a little heavier than usual, but you will not mind it while moving. Midsole and zonal arch on it, along with contoured footbed from Merrell M Select are the best choices for your feet’s comfort.

You will get a shoe made from mesh upper and leather, but do not let that information confuse you. Even if it is made of mesh, your feet will still be able to breathe without sweating too much.

Your boots will always be dry from the outside and inside, thanks to M Select Dry. This model comes in six colors, from yellow to light brown to black. If you want them to be yours, you can buy them on the official site for $ 135, while on Amazon the story is a little bit different, from $ 75 to a whopping $ 245. Find the best solution for you.

  • proven quality
  • offers great stability
  • absorbs shocks
  • breathable and waterproof
  • if you search for it, you will get them for a good price

Men’s Relment Pelmo Chukka Waterproof Boot by Sketchers

Relment Pelmo Chukka Waterproof Boot by Sketchers

This time Sketchers brings us a real treat for hikers in the form of their perfectly designed hiking waterproof boots. Relmet model comes in gray and khaki color with simple but at the same time very interesting designed laces.

This pair of boots was made from mesh, leather, and suede on the sides, with a padded tongue and boot’s collar. You will not have to worry about space inside your shoes, Relmet boots are designed to be roomy and soft on your feet.

One of the best features is memory foam insole, and its midsole will quickly absorb any shocks. Their design style is great if you are hiking in the mountains and in more demanding conditions. You can buy them on Sketcher’s US site for $ 90 and have a vast range of sizes, while on Amazon they cost from $ 60 to $ 171.

  • waterproof
  • nice range of colors
  • real leather
  • a lot of space and comfort

Men’s Moab 2 Vent Mid Hiking Boot by Merrell

Moab 2 Vent Mid Hiking Boot by Merrell

Another model from Merrell, only with a slightly lower price, these boots will not let you down. They are more suitable for some less demanding trails because they are created in low top style.

Moabs are a typical representative of Merrell shoes, Vibram TC5+ outsole, comfortable midsole, Air Cushion, and stability band on both sides. There is no much to say about them, its brand speaks enough. Buy them for 110 dollars on the official site or via Amazon for 79 to 208 dollars.

  • for easier terrain
  • Merrell’s quality
  • stability and comfort
  • good deal

Men’s Peakfreak Venture MID Waterproof Omni-Heat Hiking Boot by Columbia

Peakfreak Venture MID Waterproof Omni-Heat Hiking Boot by Columbia

This time Colombia brings us boots of more simple appearance and practical use. Grippy and stable outsole. Breathable and waterproof mesh and material, along with excellent support while hiking.

These boots, as Colombia says on its site, are bootie constructed with a sealed membrane. You can choose only a Cordovan and Caramel color, but they offer a lot of shoe sizes.

The design is impressive, the wave-shaped sole will surely grab your attention. Another big plus is that for this type of boots, they are not heavy at all, even less than 17 oz. While on the official site, the boots are currently at 50% off, and you can buy them for $ 59, on Amazon they range from $ 65 to $ 212.

  • simple looking but elegant
  • waterproof and breathable
  • stability
  • you can get them for 50% off

Men’s Crestwood Waterproof Hiking Boot by Columbia

best hiking boots for men

Another Columbia boots, in lower top form, but equally good performance. They are better suited for more accessible and gentler terrains and trails because they provide less protection for your ankles.

With three colors (Pebble and Desert Sun, Mud and Squash, Graphite, and Dark Adobe), you will have no problem pairing it with your other hiking equipment. One of the new things that have been added is cushioned midsole for better and easier walking while hiking.

This pair is made from combining webbing, mesh, and leather, so you will get a quality, waterproof, and breathable shoe in one. They are not very heavy, and they provide a steady step, and their sole is not slippery.

13% off on Columbia’s official website will give you a price of 69 dollars. Still, if you love shopping on Amazon more, you can purchase them for 35 to 153 dollars.

  • lower top
  • midsole cushion for comfort
  • good materials are involved
  • not too heavy

X Ultra 3 Mid GORE-TEX Men’s Wide Hiking Boots by Salomon

Salomon shoes always have a lot to offer, so it is the same case with this model. Benefits are reflected in the foothold, grip made from two types of rubber for better stability and soft cushioning inside the boots.

Gore-Tex membrane keeps them waterproof, and they are also wide fit. Suitable for high mountains and snow, they provide excellent protection for your legs and feet.

Sporty designed with typical lacing pattern, but also very appealing in appearance as the color assembly is impressive and striking. You can get them for around 165 dollars on Salomon’s site and from 121 to 199 dollars on Amazon.

  • foothold stability
  • good grip
  • soft and comfortable
  • Gore-Tex
  • nice design

Men’s Newton Ridge Plus II Waterproof Hiking Boot by Columbia

best hiking boots for men

The manufacturer describes them as classical, waterproof hiking boot suitable for everyone, and we can agree with that statement. Very durable, stylish, and comfortable boots for both easier and challenging trails. Grippy, made of rubber outsole provides stability and absorbs any kind of possible shocks for your feet.

They are made of leather, mesh, and suede for an even lighter experience than before.

Pricing this time is very interesting. Depending on the color you choose, you can get them for 54 dollars for Curry and Red Jasper model or 79 dollars for four other models, including some black, brown, and darker colors (all of this on the official Columbia’s site). On Amazon, you can purchase them from 54 to 164 dollars.

  • waterproof and durable
  • quality
  • different price range, so you can get them for less money if the color is not important

Men’s Chocorua Trail Mid Waterproof by Timberland

Imported, lightweight, leather, and comfortable Timberland’s boots. Whether you are currently hiking or wearing while on a relaxed walk, their design will fit into every segment of your life. Famous Timber-Dry long-lasting membrane will save your feet from any type of wetness. The midsole is covered with EVA for the best cushioning experience you can get.

Timberland always plays on safe and reliable materials, which have already been tried and tested, and their quality is guaranteed for sure. One of the newer features is a removable type of sockliner, which can offer you more space and comfort. 125 dollars on the official site and from 92 to 164 dollars via Amazon.

  • lightweight
  • comfortable
  • spacious
  • proven and safe quality
  • reasonable price
  • high quality

Men’s Flume Waterproof Boot by Timberland

Flume Waterproof Boot by Timberland

Coarser and less sleek design than the previous model, but the tastes are different. Flume boots will offer you proper protection and easy steps. They are suitable for any season, you will never be too hot or too cold while wearing them. If durability is one of the crucial things for you, these boots will please all your wishes.

The outsole is made of solid and dry rubber, compression-molded midsole, and waterproof leather. A lot of mesh situation on the upper part of the boot. You can buy them on the site for $ 115 or 4 monthly payment on special terms, while on Amazon they can be yours starting from 69 to 159 dollars.

  • suitable for any weather
  • durable
  • outsole and midsole offer full stability and comfort
  • waterproof
  • monthly payments available

Men’s Redmond Mid Waterproof Boot by Columbia

best hiking boots for men

With a very persuasive and attractive appearance, these boots are definitely not the least important on this list. Starting from the rubber, not marked outsole, your feet will stand firm on the ground with no problems. Lightweight, comfortable, and responsible midsole with cushioned parts.

These boots have a lot of similar performances to the previous Columbia boots we reviewed, but in this case, the exterior design may presuppose the selection.

Three types of color combinations, plenty of shoe sizes, and a reasonable price (well, depending on the site where you prefer buying but variations are not so dramatic). 100 dollars on Columbia’s website, on Amazon, at the time of writing this review, they were not available for purchase, but several other sites will sell them to you gladly, for a similar price.

  • beautiful design
  • stability
  • comfort
  • waterproof
  • reasonable price

Are hiking shoes or boots essential for hiking? Yes, for a lot of important and relevant reasons. When hiking, you may encounter tremendous obstacles, branches, rocks, and other things or situations that can cause a lot of damage and injuries to your body.

Inadequate shoes can be slippery, not waterproof, and maybe not providing sufficient support. For example, if you were hiking in sneakers, you would arrive at your destination with tired legs, sore and painful feet, and unusable, ruined sneakers. All these details can affect your hiking experience.

Therefore, invest your time in searching, if possible, try them on your feet, pay attention to the inside of the shoe, and whether they can fast absorb sweat.

Why is that important? Because, in warmer conditions, the calluses on the feet quickly build up. If the weight of the boots or shoes does not usually bother you, buy heavier ones because they are generally more durable and last longer.

Try better-known brands for the beginning, because they are proven and quality, that way you will know for sure that the money you invest will pay off soon.

Choose your shoes and other needed equipment, arm yourself with positive energy, find the right trails for you, and get in on the action! Happy hiking!

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