The 10 Best Hiking Boots for Women! Including Buying Guide!

Posted on January 25, 2020
best hiking boots for woman

When it comes to hiking in general, usually a lot of people or even a vast percentage of hiking club members think that hiking is just like taking a small mountain trip, a little bit of climbing to the top or walking in the woods after your holiday lunch.

If someone has a proper orientation, he or she will be labeled as a person who just has more skills than others, and that by using a compass they have learned to be able to cope in nature. If one has a tendency to climb a rock – he is more courageous than others, or simply, crazier. But none of this represents what hiking is really about.

However, there is no space for coincidence in the world of hiking, everything is already well known, and only improvements are possible. Hiking can give you a fresh spirit, excellent recreation, and, most importantly, it will bring you a clear mind.

But how can you make sure that pleasure comes with as little effort and pain as possible? Simple, buy a pair of hiking boots that will suit you best. This way, you can be sure that your every step will be comfortable and that hiking will not remain in your memory as a painful experience,

How to choose hiking boots for women?

Hiking is much more than recreation. It is not an expensive sport, it does not take much time to prepare, and the equipment is very affordable. This is why it is becoming an increasingly popular sport in the world these days.

Hiking boots, especially women ones, vary depending on the complexity of the tour and terrain you decide to go. As there are so many different activities while hiking, there is so many different models, brands, and offers as well.

We all love cheap deals, right? But we would not recommend it to you in this situation, just for the benefit of your feet. A wise human once said ‘Quality over quantity,’ so please, let it lead you while shopping for your hiking boots. You can get a decent pair on season sales, but keep in mind the benefit you will get from it, rather than the price you will pay.

Just like any other hiking equipment, the boots should be comfortable. It would be perfect if they are waterproof, can withstand different weather conditions, and that it’s sole is not slippery.

Low or high boots?

While looking for a pair of your ideal hiking boots, firstly, you must decide if you need low or high boots. Low hiking shoes are perfect for walking on dry, unpretentious terrain, of course, if you do not have ankle problems and have the experience of walking on different types of terrain.

Hiking in low shoes can be more comfortable and easier. If you can afford it, then it is best to buy both low and high boots. If you can not or do not want to buy both low and high shoes, then we suggest you purchase high ones, as they are more suitable for most hikers.

High boots are indeed a little heavier compared to the lower ones, but they are better protected, especially in the ankle, which is the most exposed when walking. High boots are almost necessary equipment in more demanding terrain, higher mountains, and terrains, where you are exposed to wet rocks, snowy paths, etc.

What terrains you will hike?

Shoes and boots for smoother terrains are soft, breathable, comfortable, and light. These are low or semi-high shoes, intended for excursions, hiking, walking, and similar occasional activities.

Their soles are better positioned and, therefore, more comfortable and softer than medium and heavy terrain models. These shoes have no extra rubber protection and are made from lightweight and natural materials. Most models have waterproof membranes, which are always welcome on your feet.

Shoes and boots for higher and more challenging terrains – These shoes cover the ankle and are the heaviest of all hiking shoes. The most important thing besides the sole quality is also the quality of the material of the upper part of the shoe.

The best materials are used for these shoes, as the high mountains have unpredictable and adverse weather conditions. As a rule, these shoes are used materials that have excellent thermal isolation and functional waterproof membranes that protect the feet from moisture. Yes, sometimes, they can be pricey, but you will eventually get what you pay for.

How important is the shoe size?

Also, the shoe size is critical when it comes to picking the best hiking boot solution for yourself. First, we need to determine the right shoe size, then the feeling of comfort and foot behavior in the shoe.

Shoes must be comfortable; they must not be too small or too big. Also, consider the thickness of the socks you would most often wear with your boots, this can sometimes be crucial in choosing the perfect size.

You are still not sure where should you start looking? Do not worry, because we prepared a list of top ten best hiking boots for women. You will surely find something that will suit you too!

1. Merrell Women’s Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots

Merell Moab 2 women hiking boots

With very attractive and beautiful design, the best-selling Merell’s hiking boots model for women will surely meet your wishes and expectations. This is one great example which can easily prove to you that your spent money will be worth it, And it is good to mention that Merrell is one of the leading manufacturers in the market.

Extremely versatile and durable, we are sure you will going to adore them even after a long time of use. Its Vibram TC5+ outsole is very grippy, so you will definitely have no problem with slippery trails. The midsole is made of Merrell’s Air Cushion, which can absorb shock and add stability to your foot.

That way, every step is going to fit very nicely. It is lined with M Select Dry, which does not allow water to get into boots, but also allows your foot to breathe. Do not worry about sweaty feet, it will be released out of the boots very soon.

Your feet will always be dry in every situation. On Amazon, their price ranges from 70 to 220 dollars, while if you order it from their official website, it will cost precisely $ 135 without shipping fee T

  • best selling model
  • durable
  • grippy outsole
  • comfortable
  • waterproof
  • no sweaty feet
  • you can probably get them for 100 to 150 dollars

2. Manfen Women’s Hiking Boots Lightweight Waterproof Hunting Boots 

manfen women hiking boots

Slightly taller boots compared to the previous Merrell’s model, these boots will give full support to your ankles and feet. They will wrap themselves perfectly around your legs. If you are into black as a color as well, this pair will be the right solution for you. This is the type of shoe that suits for harder terrain and less accessible trails.

Manfen did a lot of work to bring total security into a rubber sole. Suitable for all weather conditions, it will keep your feet warm and dry at all times. Lightweight, high-quality, and stylish, it can be used not only for hiking but also for other sports such as trekking, walking, fishing, or just for casual wear.

Simple but practical, this is what adorns these shoes! Since we couldn’t find a Manfen official site to compare prices, we’ll give you a price from eBay, starting at $ 39, and Amazon’s from $ 50 to $ 79.

  • tall boots for full support
  • simple but stylish design
  • rubber sole
  • waterproof
  • usable for other types of sports
  • bargain price for an awesome pair of shoes

3. XPETI Women’s Dimo Mid Waterproof Hiking Outdoor Boots 

xpeti women hiking boots

While made of fabric and synthetics, XPETI’s boots will be your best friends on your hiking adventure. With a choice of seven colors, you will surely be able to find a model that suits your taste.

Along with TPU backstay and rubber sole, your feet will have total support. Even if you are carrying a backpack or some other weight, EVA midsole is sturdy enough to handle it perfectly.

These boots feature toe cap protection and waterproof mesh, so even if minor injuries occur or you are caught in the middle of a storm, your feet and boots will still be good to go.

If you are not able to try it physically while buying, go for half-size or full size up compared to your standard size while ordering online.

Flexible and straightforward designed, with you, it will go a long way. Amazon price from 54 dollars to 75 dollars, without knowing how much this exact model costs on XPETI’s site.

  • fabric and synthetic
  • a broad spectrum of colors
  • rubber sole
  • the sturdy midsole for full support
  • waterproof mesh
  • flexible
  • normal price

4. KEEN Women’s Terradora Mid Wp-w Hiking Shoe

Keen terradora hiking boots

Designed especially for women’s physiognomy, KEEN’s Terradora boots will leave you speechless with its comfort. A very narrow fit compared to traditional KEEN boots will give you full freedom and security all day long.

This pair is straightforward and easy to clean and maintain. If you choose them, you will get a cushion panel and ESS stability for your legs.

Sports design in company with a breathable waterproof membrane made of KEEN.DRY, Terradora is the right choice for every woman who knows what they want.

One of the better features is that you can buy them for a reasonable price, and you get a high-quality shoe on your foot. They are currently on discount at KEEN’s website where you can buy them for $ 105, while on Amazon, they can be yours from $ 49 to $ 249 per pair.

  • designed for women
  • freedom and security
  • easy to clean
  • ESS stability
  • breathable
  • good price

5. Columbia Women’s Redmond Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot, Breathable, High-Traction Grip

Colombia Redmond hiking boots

Water resistance, lightweight comfort, and all-terrain traction equals Redmont Mid waterproof hiking boots. The design combines suede leather, webbing, and mesh, with three color variations.

With a high energy providing midsole and a very tough outsole, your path will have no obstacles. The lace-up closure offers you a perfectly adjustable fit.

This model is dark-colored in all three color variants, with very professional looking design. Columbia is already known for producing high-quality boots and shoes, so you do not have to wonder if the quality of the shoe will be bad.

The official price from the site is $ 100 regardless of the shoe size and color you choose, while on Amazon, the price ranges from $ 55 to $ 99.

  • quality brand
  • lightweight
  • waterproof
  • leather suede
  • three-color designs
  • adjustable fit
  • amazing deal

6. Salomon Women’s X Ultra 3 Mid GTX Hiking Boots

Salomom X Ultra Women Hiking Boots

An updated version of the previous Salmon’s Ultra 2 will offer you a lot. Advanced Chassis is very lightweight, placed between midsole and outsole. It provides you with maximized motion control, protection, and stability. Gore-Tex makes it waterproof, for an even better and drier experience.

Compared to the previous models, the foothold is more improved, and it will comfortably hold your feet while hiking, especially if you are moving downhill.

Ergonomic foot shape, gusseted tongue, and protective mudguard shape its outwardly modern look. It is finished with a good old traditional lacing system for hiking boots.

This pair is the right choice if you are going hiking on wet terrain, their stability is 10 out of 10. While on the official site, this model cannot be purchased online, you can pay $ 150 on Amazon to get a pair.

  • good motion control
  • stability
  • waterproof
  • comfortable
  • reasonable price

7. Women High Ankle Walking Boots-Breathable Outdoor Hiking Climbing Backpacking Waterproof Trekking Sneaker 

No Name Brand Women hiking boots

Without a unique brand name, these boots are made of high-quality leather sole and rubber outsole, with flexible grip, wear resistance and grip. Super breathable, leather material will give you no stuffiness and sweaty feet even after a long day of wearing. With a wrapped heel, shoes get more protection and comfort.

On the front, you can find an anti-collision toe cap for protecting your toe fingers as well. The slightly higher heel will give your feet good resilience and shock absorption. The insole is capable of freely twist without any deformation at all. We could only find this model for purchasing on Amazon, and their price is $ 56 per pair.

  • high quality
  • very good looking
  • protecting your whole foot and ankle
  • good price

8. Merrell Women’s Siren Hex Q2 E-mesh Hiking Boot

Merell Siren Hex Women Hiking Boots

Another Merrell’s model, low rise Q2 women hiking boots are the perfect match for your day hiking. This lightweight shoe has a mesh upper to keep your foot cool at any time. It is guaranteed that debris will be out with bellow tongue. One of the stickiest soles made by Merrell – M Select GRIP outsole is perfect for all kinds of terrain in wet and dry conditions.

Are you not sure about the stability? There is no need to worry. A comfortable midsole is completed with Q form 2 technology, which centers your feet in place and blocks your heel from moving inside the shoe.

In terms of price, you can find them on Merrell’s website for about 80 dollars, while on Amazon, that price is a little lower if you grab a good deal. Yes, these shoes are a real refreshment for summer conditions!

  • low rise
  • lightweight
  • comfortable midsole
  • secure
  • good for warm weather
  • middle range price
  • high-quality

9. Danner Women’s Adrika Hiker 5 “Waterproof Hiking Boot

Danner Adrika Women Hiking Boots

These upper boots from Danner are made of luxurious and very durable suede. 100% waterproof, you can bring them on your feet in every situation.

Amazing and modern design is something very unique to see while looking for hiking boots, but Adrika got your back! It offers a two lace option, with an alternative pair of laces in a different color, you will never go out of the style with it.

How does a removable footbed sound to you? Yes, you can find it in these hiking shoes. With three layers of density and open-cell polyurethane, your feet will be comfortable, able to breathe, and dry.

Its smooth outsole has a lug pattern that secures every step on any type of terrain. You can find them on the official site for about 170 dollars per pair, while on Amazon, their price ranges from 90 to 200 dollars depending on your shoe size and the color you decide to purchase.

  • rich and durable suede
  • 100% waterproof
  • modern design
  • two lace option
  • removable footbed
  • comfortable
  • streamlined outsole
  • you can get them for a good deal

10. XPETI Women’s FASTRAIL MID Light Hiking Boot

XPETI Fastrail Woman hiking boots

Last, but certainly not least, on this list of best 10 hiking boots for women, are XPETI’s FASTRAIL model. The very interesting and unique color combination that combines gray and turquoise royal blue will surely leave you breathless, and you will want to buy them right away.

You will not go wrong with this pair on your feet, and everyone around you will absolutely love it. The boot is made from abrasion-resistant and breathable materials, supported with an X-Dry membrane for waterproof protection.

Very aggressive looking rubber outsole (in a good way, of course) will give you fantastic stability. Along with a protective toe cap, you will get a shoe with molded foam insole finished with a heel pull loop. If you wear a smaller shoe size, you can purchase them on Amazon for $ 53, and if your shoe size is bigger, they can be yours for about $ 66 per pair.

  • amazing color design
  • resistant and breathable
  • comfortable for long wear
  • waterproof
  • rubber, not the slippery outsole
  • very protective for your feet
  • especially good price

If you are still not sure which style and model you should purchase, think about the conditions where you will wear the shoes. For example, water-resistant boots are not always the best option for your feet.

Waterproof hiking boots are a must for wet terrain, but their advantages quickly become disadvantages at high temperatures. Specifically, although waterproof membranes such as Gore-Tex allow the foot to breathe, they still increase the temperature in the shoe.

In that situation, hot feet will develop painful calluses sooner. Therefore, avoid shoes with waterproof membranes if you don’t really need them.

What about men hiking shoes, can you wear them?

Of course, you can wear them, there is nothing new or weird about them. The only thing it can offer you more is a broader selection of models, but women’s shoes are not far behind either. 

Usually, it is better for your body build and anatomy to wear shoes that are tailored to them perfectly. Your steps will be more secure and easy that way because footwear that does not suit you while on a slippery path is a real nightmare.

Men’s shoes, although they have a lot of comforts, are rougher and tougher than woman’s shoes because of the anatomy of a man’s foot. For this reason, we would definitely recommend you choose shoes for your type of body.

To summarize, there are several types of hiking boots and shoes. Depending on whether you need them for more accessible trails or for tougher conditions, you can choose higher or lower boots. Do not buy waterproof shoes if you do not necessarily need them, you do not want calluses on your feet, do you? They should be comfortable, as lightweight as possible, and adjustable to your feet. 

Do not buy cheap solutions if they do not offer you good quality, you will end up rebuying it after a couple of months. If you are hiking in the wetlands, be sure that your shoe soles are not slippery. Purchase shoes that are made from materials which are good for your skin, so it can breathe and not sweat much. 

Take a look at our recommendations, 

then you will know what you want to buy, but also what you do not want for yourself. Tastes and wishes are different, and that is totally okay.

We wish you challenging terrains, exciting adventures, a clear mind, and a happy start of your hiking journey!

The 10 Best Hiking Boots for Women! Including Buying Guide!

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