Best Hiking Gear for Dogs. What you need before hitting the trails!

Posted on January 22, 2020

Outdoor activities make us adventurous, and it is more exciting when your dog loves the activities as well. Amazingly, most dogs love going out as long as their owners are in the mood.

Hiking is one of the activities where you can have a fantastic time with your friends, family, and pets too. And there are a lot of tips for hiking with a dog. However, before you hit the trails, think about the things you will need to pack for you and your dog as well.

While it might be easier to pack your own items, you may not have an idea of the best hiking gear for your dog. If you are this person contemplating a hiking venture with your dog but not sure what to carry, then this piece is for you.

Your hiking gear choices can influence whether you will have a pleasant time or not. Since you do not want to risk having a bad time, here is the best hiking gear for dogs.

1. A Dog Leash

Dog leash for hiking with a dog

A dog leash is one of the most essential gears you must remember to prepare in advance. It will help you in keeping the dog closer and safe as well.

At times, dogs may see something and start chasing it or may decide to approach other people around them. A leash comes in handy to prevent such instances.

Also, a leash is one mandatory requirement for people who want to go hiking with their dogs, and this leaves you with no choice. 

That said, Tuff Mutt Hands-Free Dog Leash has proven to be perfect for anyone planning to walk, run or hike with their dogs. It is easy to clip and can also slide around your dog’s neck, giving your dog the ability to move in all directions freely.

The leash can be extended to a length of 5 feet, allowing enough space for you and your dog to walk or run without stepping on each other.

Another good thing about this leash is that it can be used for both medium and large dogs because if its strength.

The leash comes with a collar handle to give you more control for your dog. Finally, the cost of this fantastic leash is quite affordable. 

2.LED Collar 

LED Collar for dogs

For several reasons, it is crucial to add an LED collar as part of your dog’s hiking gear. For instance, you could be hiking at night; your dog may not always turn back when called upon, or your dog loves chasing things around.

In this case, the LED collar comes handy as it will help you trace your dog back. If possible, also add a tag with contact information on the collar. You can never be too careful with your canine buddy. 

BSEEN LED dog collar will take away all your worries about losing your dog or even exposing him or her to some dangers when chasing wildlife. This collar is perfect for all dog sizes, and all you need to do is to fit in your dog and then cut the extra piece using a pair of scissors.

This is because it is 70 cm in length. One of the most amazing features of this dog collar is that it has three illumination settings, and all you need is to touch a switch to change from one to another. The settings are slow flash, quick flash, and continuous lighting.

The choice is all yours. This collar comes with a rechargeable mini USB to help it stay on throughout the hiking venture. Despite it having a long lifespan, the collar only costs a few bucks.

3.Paw Wax

Paw Wax for dogs

Everyone who goes hiking always remembers to pack some safety gear. This should not be any different if you are going to hike with your dog.

Paw wax is something you should not leave without. It will help in protecting your dog’s feet, especially when you are hiking on the sand, warm or snowy surfaces.

Coat the dog’s paws with your wax of choice. Some people use dog boots, but unfortunately, not all dogs will like them or will be comfortable with them. In this case, paw wax is the best option. 

Most people consider using Musher’s Secret wax because the product works perfectly on sandy, iced, snowy, salty, and warm surfaces.

The wax is very easy to apply on the paws, and it will not only moisturize them with vitamin E but will also keep them healthy. It is readily available in 2 or 7 ounces, and the price is also pocket-friendly. 

4. Pick Up Bags or Waste Bags

Pick up waste bags for hiking

We all have a responsibility to keep our environment clean, and this is something to remember when hiking either alone or with your dog.

One thing you should know is that dog waste has some pathogens, and disposing of the waste anywhere poses some dangers to other animals.

In this case, you need to carry some waste bags to ensure all your dog’s wastes are appropriately disposed of. This is also a mandatory requirement for every hiker who goes hiking with their dog.

That said, you may consider PET N PET dog waste bags. They come in rolls, and every roll contains 18 bags. The bags are straightforward to use, durable, unscented, has a flat bottom, big enough, and easy to carry around.

The material making the waste bags is massive, which means they will never leak. Tie a not on top and then put the used bag in the waste dispenser. 

5.Dog Boots

While there are surfaces where paw wax will work just fine, dog boots can be an excellent alternative option, especially when hiking in places with extreme weather conditions.

Like we said earlier, you can never be too careful with your dog, and you better be prepared to protect him or her from all hazards.

Look for an excellent fitting boot, and you should train your dogs to walk on them before the D-day for hiking. You do not want to risk canceling your adventure or leaving your dog behind simply because he or she cannot walk with the boots, yet it’s dangerous out there. 

QUMY Dog Boots comes as perfect protection wears for your dog. The good thing about this doggie boot is that it comes in different sizes and is adjustable to ensure it fits tightly.

Some of its perfect features include the reflective Velcro straps, a wide split seam opening, a rugged sole, pet paw embroidery, and they are made from quality fabrics.

This means that your dog is not only protected from unfriendly surfaces but also thorns, especially when hiking in bushy areas.

With this boot, you can rest assured that you got value for your money, mainly because they are reusable after a soft hand wash.

6.Water and Food Bowls

Hiking requires energy both when starting and during the exciting venture. This is the reason why everyone packs food when going for a hike.

Do not forget packing something for your dog to drink and eat. In this case, you will need to carry a drinking bowl as one of the hiking gear for your dog.

Keep reenergizing your dog in every stopover, and in case you are hiking in snowy areas, consider keeping the dog’s water insulated. 

For your consideration, Iesotc Pet Water Bottle has been many people’s favorite for many reasons. For instance, they are easy to use, have a unique design (two in one), no water leakage, lightweight, unscented, environmentally friendly, recyclable, and easy to clean.

By two in one design, it means the cap for the bottle acts as the bowl, meaning no need to carry the extra dog bowl to feed your dog.

Despite it being lightweight, it has a 520 ml volume making it convenient in terms of weight and capacity. Do not allow yourself to dehydrate your dog when you can purchase this fantastic but affordable doggie water bottle.

7.Dog First Aid Kit

first aid kit for dogs

While numerous precautions can be used to keep your dog safe, accidents and incidents are unpredictable and, therefore, can occur anytime.

Just in case this happens to your dog during your hiking adventure, consider carrying dog first aid kit as part of the hiking gear.

Some surfaces, such as rocky areas, tend to naturally expose people and animals to the risk of being hurt, and it is essential to be prepared.

Deluxe Dog First Aid Kit is one of the kits that you need to obtain before you start hiking. This kit is perfect in case your dog is wounded during the rough trails or may be bitten by other animals.

It contains an elastic wrap that cannot stick on dog’s fur, saline wash for cleaning the wound, gauze pads, gloves, scissors to help trim the fur, and styptic pencil to stop bleeding even on toes.

The first aid kit is also convenient as it is lightweight, water-resistant, very durable, has a belt loop, and all items in it are sterile to ensure safety.

Always be ready for emergencies with this friendly pocket dog first aid kit. 

Final Words

Outdoor activities are much fun when we tag along with our best friends even if these friends are pets. Preparation is vital for every hiking adventure, and with this hiking gear for dogs, you will not only feel safe, but you will have the fun of your life.

Best Hiking Gear for Dogs. What you need before hitting the trails!


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