What hiking boots feel comfortable in summer

Posted on February 12, 2020
hiking boots for summer

Summer allows you to enjoy different types of outdoor activities, like hiking. Hiking in hot temperatures is supposed to be fun, as it has several advantages over wet or cold temperatures.

If hiking is a favorite activity in your schedule, and we wrote this article specifically for you if you want to try hiking, we will also meet your needs in this article. Take a look!

Hiking Boots

In hiking, the footwear that you decide to put on is an essential component, more critical than any other gear. It is doubtless that you will spend very many hours on the feet. Therefore, a comfortable pair of boots goes a long way in ensuring you happily and effortlessly reach your destination.

Hot and sweaty feet when hiking are the worst, making the boots that you wear to play a significant role in giving you ultimate enjoyment during this outdoor activity. All these have been well explained below.

What Makes the Perfect Summer Hiking Boots?

Nothing but proper ventilation!

Hot weather means sweaty feet. Since it is summer, you better take most of your concentration on the ventilation that is to be provided by the boots that you want to purchase. A significant amount of the body’s excess heat exits through extremities, especially the feet.

The last thing you would want is to have your feet sheathed in poorly ventilated hiking boots that keep in the heat. Poor ventilation not only results in smelly socks but may also lead to the formation of blisters making your movement slippery and very uncomfortable.

Therefore, among the very many other factors that make perfect climbing boots, this factor should NEVER be overlooked.

Why go for the Perfect Hiking Boots?

Summer hiking boots have been designed to flawlessly suit hot temperatures than any other type of hiking footwear. They prioritize ventilation and offer reliable ankle support. It does not matter whether you will go hiking on a flat landscape or a steep and rugged terrain.

These boots provide additional stiffness and stability, and this is why you need nothing but the best hiking footwear. It is worth noting that even though the shoes are designed to give an ultimate performance, they must not always be stiff and husky to weigh you down.

Top 5 Best Hiking Summer Boots for 2020

The 2020 market births forth different hiking boots for hot temperatures. If you have been looking for power and versatility while still maintaining efficiency in climbing boots, the below five best summer hiking boots will suit your every need and preference.

They are not only perfect for summer adventures but are also ideal options for all those who want a combination of design and durability. Here’s a scoop!

Scarpa Zen PRO Hiking Shoe-U

hiking boots for summer

The Scarpa Zen PRO Hiking Shoe-U is made from pure leather and textile. They come with a rubber sole and have a GORE-TEX performance for extra comfort and ensuring your feet remain dry.

Its Sock-Fit DV construction help to reduce bulk weights and also creates a perfect fit for your feet. Additionally, its lace system offers an exact fit. You will love the luxurious and classic look of the Scarpa Zen PRO Hiking Shoe-U together with its durable EVA midsoles.

One look at this wear will assure you that they have nothing but the power to approach burly terrains.


  • It is comfortable and lightweight.
  • The laces extend to the toe, making them adjustable.


  • The sole is very rigid.
  • Quite expensive
  • Made of fragile leather that may not correctly hold for a long time

Adidas Outdoor AX2 Hiking Shoe

hiking boots for summer

The Adidas Outdoor AX2 Hiking Shoes are an impressive summer hiking gear. You can explore the lands these low-cut hiking shoes. The shoes have a sock liner support and a rigid synthetic upper to protect the feet over bumpy terrain.

It gives a comfortable continental outer sole and a Gore-Tex waterproofing mechanism that ensures the feet are kept dry.

The Climaproof membrane also shelters the feet from any water. Finally, the boots are very comfortable to wear, thanks to the toe-and-foot protection.


  • They are affordable enough to suit the needs of your budget.
  • The ankle support is soft and flexible.


  • The biggest complaint about this footwear is that they have a stiff underfoot that does not match its ankle support.

Merrell Men’s Moab Ventilator Hiking Shoe

hiking boots for summer

The Merrell Men’s Moab Ventilator Hiking Shoe is one of Merrell’s best products. The footwear makes a brilliant summer hiking option. They offer dependable tread and traction and are also well ventilated and breathable. These Merrell shoes are best known for their extra comfort and durability.

For the hikers with wide feet, these Merrell products will suit your needs and preferences as they have full sizing options available for any feet wear.

The rubber toe bumpers give durability and resistance from abrasion. The mesh-padded tongue helps to protect instep from lace pressure. It, however, does not inhibit breathability. The nylon mesh liners absorb excess moisture and disperse to offer comfort.

Unlike most hiking shoes, the Merrell Men’s Moab Ventilator Hiking Shoe has anatomically-shaped removable footbeds that give additional support.


  • They have exceptional traction.
  • Have stable support.
  • They come with sufficient mesh for proper ventilation.
  • Have excellent shock absorbing mechanisms, thanks to the air cushions located at the heels.


  • They do not have ankle support.

La Sportiva Men’s Primer Low GTX Hiking Shoe

hiking boots for summer

Summer calls for active activities. You can save your feet from the hot temperatures with these La Sportiva Men’s Primer Low GTX Hiking Shoes. They have an attractively rugged look. Made with premium and authentic lycra net cloth, they have proper breathability and ventilation.

Also, the breathable air mesh on the upper part of the footwear allows the flow of air in the shoe for additional comfort. The rugged rubber outsole features a Multi-Directional Traction that powerfully offers stability and ultimate protection when on the trail. The heel rides more than the forefoot hence giving brilliant arch support.


  • Have a superb lace-up system that is not only easily adjustable for a secure fit, but is also rust-proof.
  • Made from high-quality materials hence are very durable.


  • quite pricey

Salomon Men’s X Ultra Prime Multifunctional Hiking Shoe

hiking boots for summer

The Salomon Men’s X Ultra Prime Multifunctional Hiking Shoe has placed a lot of emphasis on style and functionality. The shoes are made of leather and have rubber sole textiles that are damage-resistant and gives a high level of intensity.

They have also been crafted with waterproof fabrics that control the body’s natural heat. These Salomon boots also integrate the use of durable GORE-TEX materials, therefore, delivering full functionality and performance.

They come with a moisture-wicking material that prevents the build-up of sweat and an anti-microbial material that fights feet infection and eliminates odors. Most noteworthy is that the boots have a protective design and breathable fabric for flexibility and quality performance.


  • They are lightweight
  • The shoes are very are durable
  • They have plenty of mesh panels for proper ventilation.
  • Have outstanding traction, stability, and cushioning.
  • They are stable and durable boots.
  • Best suit rough landscapes
  • Offer advanced overall feet support.
  • Well-padded for extra comfort


  • They are expensive
  • They have limited feel sizing options.

Buying Guide

Nowadays, the trend of hiking boots is tailored towards choosing those with light materials and decent support. There are very many summer hiking boots to choose from, and being an outdoor enthusiast, you ought to settle on the option that will best suit your summer excursions.

When out there to look for the summer hiking boots, you ought to keep the following factors in mind:


Comfort includes a well-padded sole and correctly fitting shoes. While you are focusing on the hiking boots that can allow you to travel through the harsh landscapes effortlessly, you also want to ensure that you are comfortable while carrying out all the outdoor activities.

Most summer hiking boots are made with fibers and plush materials that add cushioning to feet. It is of importance to carefully look for this element when shopping. Comfort ensures you can put on the hiking boots for a long time.


We talked about the proper ventilation for hiking boots already. This is something you should not disregard especially if your plan is to hike mainly during times with high temperatures.


The most important thing to an active hike, primarily through tough terrain or long distances, is to reduce the weight that hinders or decreases the speed of your movement, especially on the feet. Heavier hiking boots quickly drain your energy, whereas lighter footwear is usually less rigid.

Light hiking boots give you swift motion and also dexterity as you traverse through wild landscapes. Never sacrifice weight when you are out there for purchase since heavy boots strain the ankles and feet.


It is doubtless that you are looking towards to purchase durable footwear that is tough and can tolerate the most rugged terrain. The hot weather hiking boot that is worth buying is that which is made from durable and damage-resistant material.

Some durable materials include leather, hard rubber, GORE-TEX textile, and many more. Such materials ensure feet protection and resilience in any landscape.


Different hiking boots are designed to suit different scenes. There are those summer hiking boots intended for short and easy hikes, others for short to long-distance hikes, others for alpine environments, and many more.

Knowing this factor helps you know the exact types of hiking boots that you are to settle on. Depending on the make of the shoes, they adapt and effectively work in different terrains.

Foot and Ankle Support

This is a very crucial element that is worth considering before making a purchase. Hiking boots are supposed to maximize traction and mobility when exploring the beauty of nature during the hyke. Therefore, a quality hiking boot should have built-in support for the feet to ensure you are always comfortable.

Additionally, structural foot support is vital for these boots since you will need to spend plenty of time on your feet during the outdoors. If the structural foot support is weak, you may encounter fatigue or muscle weakness. Pay attention to such details, then make the right purchase decision.


Most hiking boots being advertised on the markets tend to suffocate the feet resulting in excess sweating and build-up of moisture. On the other hand, some very lovely hiking boots comprehend and excellently address this issue. The breathability element of a boot is crucial when you start exploring tough terrains.

Excessive build-up of heat and moisture at the feet will slow you down during your hiking, destroying your stamina. Breathability gives endurance even when you are hiking over long distances.


Breaking the monotony of daily routine and going on a hike in the hot temperatures is healthy and fun. It helps you to connect with your primal self hence allowing the body to meet the most challenging landscapes bravely. Even though the body is adaptable, having the best summer hiking boots is a wise decision.

As you may have noted, summer hiking boots are one of the most significant determinants as to whether you will enjoy your hiking trip or not. With the thousands of hiking boots available in the market for purchase, you need to take sufficient time to scrutinize the features of a hiking boot before making the purchase.

It is worth the time and energy! The hiking boots mentioned here have the essential design elements that every serious hiker should have to stay active and protected as they explore the beauty of nature. Get the worth of your money by settling on comfortable and practical boots.

What are you still waiting for? Do not waste more time. Make up your mind on the correct hiking footwear that you want, purchase it, and be among the millions out there, giving a high rating and positive testimonial of the advantages of buying the best hiking boots for summer.


What hiking boots feel comfortable in summer

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