Hiking with Kids? How to make the hiking experience an adventure for everyone!

Posted on January 28, 2020

Things have changed, yes, but that’s why you should not give up everything you like? You have to change the way you do things. After all, having a child does not mean that the adventure is over, but quite the opposite, the adventure has only just begun.

Discovering the mountain by the hand of your children, through the eyes of a child, is an experience as much or more rewarding than crowning any mountain in the world, and we can also practice it from the beginning.

When can you start hiking with a child?

From a very young age, we can go hiking so that both the baby and the parents begin to get used to the different stimuli that the natural environment offers us.

First, with the ergonomic backpacks, always on soft walks without great pretensions, and later with baby carrier backpacks that allow us to move along the mountain trails comfortably.

As the child grows older, almost without realizing it, he or she will begin to walk, run, and even climb everywhere. After a first year in which the child is totally dependent on you, he/she begins to be freer. They are small enough to be ported and large enough to walk something.

They get excited with almost anything: sticks, stones, or small animals, and you can spend hours watching an insect or digging a hole. It is the perfect time to foster your natural curiosity and discover a nature that has always been there, but that is revealed to us through the eyes of children.

From the age of 3, a new phase begins as intense as it is gratifying. The child begins to be totally autonomous. You can no longer behave, and his curiosity accentuates even more.

The logistics will be reduced to the maximum, and your backpack will weigh 10 kilos less, but instead, the challenges do not diminish. Hiking with children from 3 years of age requires more than ever that parents or educators get involved to ensure that the adventure in nature remains a success, and both parents and children can continue to evolve and enjoy family hiking.

Here are some tricks and tips, also included in the excursion guides with children, to make hiking with children a success:

Things you should do

Give children responsibility.

From 3 years old, it is a good idea to start carrying your own backpack. At the beginning with little weight, a sandwich or a juice, for little by little, and as they get older, fill it up.

Let them participate in the decisions, allow them to see the map, decide which path to take or look for the different landmarks or signs of the route will foster their self-esteem and independence, and make them feel part of the group.

Get them to enjoy the route